How to Choose the Correct Transmission Service Team

In the hustle and bustle of life, often it is easy to set aside the best interest of our cars in lieu of a fast fix. For those who use the quick, drive-through oil change shops, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing signs for other services as we sit waiting for our car. Unfortunately, many car owners elect for the quick-fix when it comes to transmission service, a decision which is often costly in the future.

Transmission service is much more than a quick oil-change, a fact that many owners don’t realize until it’s too late. While quick-service shops are known for providing quick service, most are failing to inspect a car further than seeing if a complimentary vacuum would be appreciated before the car leaves the shop. While other shops simply drain the oil into a pan and quickly replace, a transmission specialist will inspect the oil to see if it really burnt or only slightly. In addition, a specialist will look at the material at the bottom of a sump to see if there is a bigger problem outside of normal wear-and-tear.

At Jim Dowell Transmission, we use the most innovation diagnostic scan tools to help us service and also prevent transmission issues. We understand that timely service is a priority, but we also patiently and explicitly walk you through the service process so you understand what you are getting and why.

Our concern while providing service is making sure the service we provide sustains over time and ensures the safety of our customers and their families. The next time you need transmission service in Sarasota, Bradenton and the surrounding areas, we invite you to contact us for a free estimate.